Stretch Mark Myths

Stretch marks are everywhere.  And not a lot of people are happy about them.  Almost all women that have given birth have stretch marks.  And many men as well will get them at some point in their life.

Most of us consider them part of life and that is true; stretch marks are almost as common as the common cold.  The smarter ones among us, especially the women that have given birth to multiple children wear like a badge of honor.  They are there to remind them of what they have gone through to bring precious life into this world.

And to those people, hats off to you.  You have every right and every reason to be proud of your stretch marks.  I’m not here to belittle the achievements of these remarkable mothers, but I feel it’s time to put some common myths about stretch marks aside.

Only women get stretch marks

While it is true that far more women than men get stretch marks  primarily due to pregnancy, stretch marks effect both men and women.  There are several reasons for stretch marks to occur other than pregnancy including rapid weight gain, hormonal conditions, puberty and medical conditions.  While it is fair to say that far more women than men get stretch marks, it is a myth to think that only women get them.

Stretch marks can be removed by scrubbingSkin Layers

While a far less common myth than the one above, there are a lot of people that think that stretch marks can slowly be removed by scrubbing the skin with a loofah or other type of object.  The fact is that stretch marks do not occur in the top layer of skin (the epidermis) but are created by tears in the second layer of skin (the dermis).  All the scrubbing in the world will not remove, soften, or otherwise make these stretch marks go away let alone diminish them.  It might be good for exfoliating the skin, but that is the extent of the treatment.

Stretch Marks can’t be prevented

This is not totally a myth.  There are many people and many circumstances where stretch marks are inevitable.  But there are many more times that the skin could be treated to minimize or even eliminate stretch marks from occurring in the first place.  Stretch marks occur on the skin when the skin size increases more rapidly than the dermis layer can stretch to, causing tears in the dermis and creating stretch marks.  But when one knows that this rapid change is going to occur, such as in pregnancy, there are a number of topical treatments that can be applied to lessen the chances of stretch marks occurring or in the best case, stopping them from happening at all.  I know, I’ve seen it happen.  I have seen the tiniest of a woman give birth to a nine pound baby and a couple of months after birth, you would never know she had given birth.  We won’t all be that lucky, but with some prevention, chances are we can be more like her.

Stretch Marks can’t be removed

This is another common myth, yet is true in some situations.  There are a number of stretch mark removal procedures that can very often work for most people.  The procedures range from surgical procedures, to laser treatment to home methods and remedies.  Everyone will have a different outlook on what is best for them if they want to look at removing stretch marks, and each method certainly has it’s pros and cons.  But to say that stretch marks can’t be removed is simply a myth.  Take a look at the options available and decide for yourself if it is right for you.



I hope talking about these common stretch mark myths has helped you.  The age of the internet and having access to Google has helped immensely in helping dispel so many common myths but at the same time, most of us are just so used to believing what we have heard over and over again for years that we feel it must be the truth.

Why Should I Use A Bleaching Cream On My Private Parts?

Making use of a skin bleaching cream on private parts will help in realizing a natural glow that is possible with other body parts. Perhaps, there are natural creams available producing the excellent bleaching effects that remain for a maximum time. Concentrating upon several aspects in this regard will help people from all age groups maintain excellent body condition in an effective manner. Remember that private body parts are sensitive to any product in general and require a lot of pampering. Any deviations that caused in this regard might hamper your sexual life and personal lifestyle as well. Remaining cautious to a maximum extent will ensure that you maintain perfect quality in a precise fashion.

Natural Effects Of Bleaching Cream Upon Private Parts

Beauty products that are available from various manufacturers are known to cause a lot of side effects depending upon the people using them. However, it is necessary to avoid problematic situations in this regard so that excellent benefits are realized on the whole. Body private parts require premium products that have a softening effect upon the entire body in a perfect manner. Perhaps, bleaching creams could be used upon any body part to obtain uniform color with a lightening effect. Choosing the best ones for your latest benefits will ensure that you realize more benefits in an ideal manner that you expect the most.

Remove Pigmentation Effortlessly With Fewer Applications

Strong bleaching creams are known to have a greater impact upon your body parts about which you need to remain attentive. Though you might obtain a better complexion, it is not possible to stay resistant to side effects at the same time. Getting across various products that provide you with the best results in an effective manner is very much important for lasting effects. Fair skin creams such as bleaching agents are known to create a deepened moisturizing effects upon your body private parts as well due to which an unusual sheen is obtained. The problem of pigmentation will be resolved naturally with the consideration of such features with ease.

Explore Greater Features With A Deepening Impact On Your Skin

Private parts of your body require sensitive pampering as there is a greater chance that you might experience sexual abnormalities in case the treatment goes awry. Contacting one of the experienced skin specialists in this regard will ensure that you realize the best results without going through any side effects. Perhaps, you get to deal with numerous aspects in an effective manner due to which you get to organize your skincare preferences in an ideal fashion that you anticipate the most.

Choose Best Bleaching Cream From Reputed Suppliers Online

Deciding upon one of the reputed skincare product suppliers for your exclusive needs will help you in realizing the best results for sure. The problems of any possible side effects could be resolved in an effective manner due to the premium quality skincare products such as a bleaching cream available to you. Realizing the best results without going through any complex situations is what you get to consider on an overall.

How To Bleach Your Vagina

Nowadays, Vagina and anal bleaching is upcoming and new trend in UK and US. It helps you to maintain the hygiene of personal organs and make you feel better. The body’s private organs are usually darker as compared to rest of the body. There are many reasons behind it. These include pigmentation, sometimes infections, wearing very tight panty liners, etc. Currently vagina bleaching has been adapted in a large way to fight this issue. Some important tips and precautions are mentioned below:

Plenty of bleaching agents are available online as well as in counter. You have to choose one of it very carefully. Great deal of caution is required to apply it because it is been applied to very sensitive part of your body. And it is guaranteed that if you use right products then it is safe affective because bleaching or whitening any sensitive area like vagina or anus is unnatural. You need lots of energy to get right product for use. These areas have numbers of nerves endings and most probably it may experience allergic reactions and flare up. So it is very much important to find specialized formula for these types of sensitive areas.

how to bleach your vagina

Keep in mind that there are lots of skins lightening products available in the market but many of them may use a harsh chemical that has shown for producing health complications like kidney and liver damage and may be some type of cancer. The best vaginal bleaching cream will be made up of natural ingredients for whitening like bearberry extract, mulberry extract, licorice extract. These ingredients mention here are from plants and have natural skin lighting stuffs. So, read the ingredients very carefully and do not pick the one that will create allergic reaction on your body. You have to do patch test before applying it to your body. Meaning of patch test is, applying the taken product in small patch of your body in a given method. Then you have to wait for 24 hours to see if the skin is better or there are some problems like redness or irritation. If you are experiencing some problem then you should not use it anymore.

Please take care that bleach does not enter your private organs. These types of products are for external use only, it means that you should use only on outer surface.

And also do take care that at the time of applying bleach, your skin must not have any problem like redness, acne or any other problem. The bleach may affect the affected part in adversely way.

Get assured that bleaching agent or the cream which you have chosen does not contain hydroquinone. This can adversely affect your body like thyroid, cancer and liver damage.

Vagina bleaching creams are far better than vagina bleaching. Among the numerous products sold, the most preferable choice is Meladerm. It slowly and effectively reduces pigmentation on the skin. It is not unpleasantly rough for the body and it is best known for no side effects for the body. It is also cure to uneven skin tones, freckles, hyper pigmentations, dark elbows, under arms, knuckles, etc.

Tips for How to Bleach Your Vagina Safely and Naturally

1. Firstly, you should consult a dermatologist. The dermatologist will give a suitable way to get it done.

2. Secondly, you should choose the best vaginal cream that is suitable for your skin. You should remember to check the ingredients of the cream while purchasing it from online or from store. If the cream contains chemical then it might damage your skin.

3. You should read the instructions carefully even if you are applying the best cream.

4. There are various skins lightening cream in market for bleaching the vagina but Meladerm is the best cream because it contains all natural herbs and it helps to bleach the vagina in a natural way. It contains components like bearberry extract, mulberry extract, licorice extract, Vitamin B3, glycolic acid and emblica powder. It does not contain any harmful ingredients or chemical so you do not have chance to have any adverse effects on your skin by applying it. However, you should do some research online to get the best cream for yourself if you are not fully satisfied with the Meladerm cream.